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Picture of Rachel Coltz painting outside


Rachel Coltz is a self taught artist who has a passion for illustration and painting since she was a little girl. Despite following business studies, and getting her master in Marketing, she is an eternal student, following an illustration formation in a french school and many other workshops trying to constantly getting educated on different techniques and styles. 


Her influences include big names of the street art such as Kobra, Obey Giant, or pop art painters like Jasper Johns or Keith Haring. 


Her style is strongly colored, pop and political. She focuses on creating a strong contrast between her colored style and deeper topics tackled in her art, mostly made with mixed media and acrylics. 


Rachel is French, but lives currently in Italy after having travelled quite a while. She serves now as an active member of the directive council of the Cremona Art Association and has participated to many exhibitions ended up with awards. 


She creates art that starts a conversation because paintings are louder than words, and art needs to be used as a voice.

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