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My art begins

at that point where I can no longer express myself in words!

I always had a million ideas since I am a little girl, my brain is swarming in a weird way. I also have a lot to say , but my art is louder than my own voice.


Artistic exuberance guides me, collaboration nourishes me, challenges make me grow! My artistic passion led me to give up a stable and well paid job in business to completely emerged myself with the beauty of creativity, and that’s one of the best decision I have made so far.

As a visual artist, I express myself through mixed media mostly combined with a strong message to create a unique signature. Through this experience, I would love to get a first chance in the art business and reach a wider audience.


I am very passionate about societal topics and they are always a source of inspiration. I am never afraid to tackle a controversial topic and give my opinion. I think art has a duty to raise awareness on certain social matters. Artists possess the means to deal with issues that the rest of the society dares not to address. So they can provoke a reaction, a question, a doubt…

Whatever the medium, I use symbolism to pass my message through. I often use a sentence too that accompanies the artworks.


I am inspired in my approach by a voracious thirst for research and my life experience. Experience provides me with images and emotions that come together in a colorful picture. The coloring process is very dear to my heart as I feel like my work is coming to life. 

My process might seem very analytical (maybe due to my business background), but I always start by getting inspired by my fellow artists on the Internet, search for symbolism, meanings, more information on the topic. Then I write everything in a notebook, weirdly, I am not a doodler, but I “explain” my ideas and project by writing them. Once I have a clear idea of what I want to do in my head, I make a first draft on paper.

I am always planning at least five projects at a time and plan everything accordingly. For me, perfection is not beautiful, so that is why I always say I am not a perfectionist because I don’t long to be perfect!

My creations are like me, curious about our society, our world, and a bit provocative. 

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